VIDEO & AUDIO downloads to enhance, educate and improve. 

From basic drills to the breakdown of traditional forms, the offerings below were created by Master Rubio to refine your skills. They also make great gifts from $10 to $200. 

The offerings below offer unique insights into the traditional forms of Bak Sui Lum and Cheung Kune Pai.


These are for retention and practice purposes not for new learning. Trying to acquire the knowledge and development of any sophisticated art from videos without the eye and direction of a master will yield unsophisticated results. 

We are open Monday through Saturday offering 31 group classes weekly, mornings and evenings.

We host both public and private seminars and offer corporate training packages.

Hire us for traditional Lion Dances, demonstrations or festivals. 

We are open on all National Holidays. 

We will confirm your appointment via email or phone. Please wear pants and sneakers for your mini class. If you are running late or need to change your appointment time, ...
Free Introductory Appointment
30 min

Please wear pants and sneakers for you rmini class.

Call if you are going  to be late or need to re-schedule.


Thank you.

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