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APRIL 24TH, 2021 2:00 - 5:00 PM  $195

Of all the offerings at Kung fu Connection, The Taoist Style of The Hua Shan Pai system of Chi Gung is by far the greatest technique for rejuvenation, vitality, healing and longevity. Do yourself a favor and invest in priceless knowledge that has saved many lives without therapy, drugs or invasive surgery.  Reserve your spot now. 


In China the Hua Shan Pai style of Chi Gung is recognized as one of the best for promoting life rejuvenation and longevity. The Hua Shan temple’s origin can be traced back to the beginning of the Sung Dynasty over one thousand years ago.

One legend relates that the first Emperor of the Sung Dynasty, Sung Tai Ju, heard of a very talented Taoist named Chan Tung and invited him to the palace to discuss affairs of state. The Emperor was so taken with the wise counsel of the old Taoist ehta he offered him great wealth and position, but the old man declined. He continued to discuss affairs of state while playing chess with the Emperor, however; although the Taoist was very accomplished, he allowed the Emperor to win often enough to keep the game interesting.

The Emperor persisted in asking the Taoist to become his advisor. Finally, the Emperor offered to play one more game of chess on the condition that the loser would accede to the demands of the other. They played and the Taoist won. The Emperor asked what his wish was and Chan Tung replied that he would like to have Hua Shan so he could build a temple on it. True to his word, the Emperor fulfilled Chan Tungs request.

The temple on Hua Sha became famous throughout the country. The Chi Gung of Hua Shan was taught only to selected Taoists disciples and kept closely guarded, so it survived the centuries but with very few practitioners of the art. It remained virtually unknown to the outside world. 

During the Second World War, my master, Chiu Lim Chan, then a young man, was in Shao Kwan in northern Kwangtun fleeing from the Japanese invaders. He became seriously ill and took much medicine, but nothing helped. Then he was told of a Taoist monk who practiced Chi Gung and had miraculous healing powers. My master went to see him and was cured. Impressed with the old monks skills and obvious good health and agility, my master asked to be the old monk’s disciple. Each time he asked the answer was always no. Finally, in desperation my master knelt in front of the old monk and vowed he would not get up until the monk agreed to accept him as a disciple. He stayed in that position until he fainted. Seeing the sincerity and determination of my master the old monk relented and took him in to the monastery.

My master studied with the old monk for several months and then he head to flee again as the Japanese soldiers approached. My master wanted to go with the old monk, but he said, “It is better that we separate now. If it is in our karma that we meet again, the we hall meet again.”

They separated but, after some months had passed, they did meet again. My master then studied in earnest with the old monk for many years and learned all the sets of Hua Shan Pai Chi Gung. When asked his name the old monk simply replied that he had no name. When asked his age he didn’t respond either. Some years later my master again asked his age and what style of Chi Gung he was practicing. The old monk finally answered, saying it was the Hua Shan Pai from the temple established by the Taoist Chan Tung. He also told my master the he was 183 years old and admonished him to practice daily and diligently and preserve this unique treasure with care,

thus they parted.

October 1991

Keny Bak Hay Chin



Taoist Exercises - Special Cure for Non-bacteria Sickness Without Medicine


For thousands of years, Taoists in China practiced and developed various techniques of breathing to improve and heal sicknesses of various parts of the vital organs in the human body.  They dwelled in mountains and forests to observe, listen and meditate, gathering greater knowledge and deeper understanding of the universe.  In search of immortality they moved from observation of nature to experimentation and practice.  In furtherance of this goal, a healthy body is essential.

We depend on air to live.  The basic Taoist theory focuses on the importance of breathing and circulating the air within the human body.  Mastering various breathing techniques gives us strength and more blood in the body.  With plenty of oxygen circulating within our body, our energy and vitality are enhanced.  The right combination of air, blood and body fluid within our body will prevent sickness and is conductive to good health and longevity.

Consistent practice of the exercises will eliminate fat and strengthen the stomach and abdomen.  Air is concentrated in the abdomen and directed to circulate within the body to nourish the five major organs; heart, lungs, liver, kidney and spleen.  It will also strengthen the bone and muscles of the arms and legs and improve the color tone of the skin.

The systematic breathing exercise plan is developed in three (3) Levels.  Each level consists of 36 movements.  Exercising the First Level movements will help prevent sickness and prolong a healthy life.  The Second Level movements and exercises will help to return one's youthfulness from old age.  The Third Level is aimed at harmonizing the mind and body to realize man's potential as a spiritual being.

Qi Gong is treasured knowledge from the past and more than ever relevant to our present day life. Practiced correctly and consistently it can:


1)  Cure obesity

2)  Lower the blood pressure

3)  Rid one of kidney troubles

4)  Prevent strokes and heart attacks

5)  Ease asthma

6)  Relax nervous tensions

7)  Lessen the hardening of veins and arteries

8)  Erase insomnia

9)  Do away with mental disturbances


1. MONKEY  - LIN GONE - for the liver

2. BEAR -       LIN YUE -     for the kidneys

3. DRAGON - LIN SHUM - for the heart

4. TIGER -      LIN FEE -     for the lungs

5. TURTLE -   LING GANG -for the brain

6. EAGLE -     LIN YING -    for the eyes

The first level is call d the First Achievement Level - SHUI SING

The second level  is called the Middle Achievement Level - CHUNG SING

The third level us called the Ultimate Achievement Level - SIUM SING 

These exercises are not available to the general public or online. It was requested by Master Rubios' Master not to record them, other then the first three. These ancient arts were intended to be taught to people of good character and discipline.  Due to the complexity and detail it there can also have adverse affects if not properly supervised since it affects your organs, systems and Chi directly. 

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