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Come, join our family

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Our child has been in the program for a few months and we have seen changes in a very positive way. We are so motivated that my wife and I are now enrolled in the Tai Chi and Kung Fu program. The staff is great and is a great place to learn virtues.

                                                                                                - Diego Pelaez

If you're looking to build yourself as a warrior, in body and in spirit, to master the moves and philosophies that is Kung Fu - and to learn from truly dedicated masters that are as vested in you as you are in yourself, and often more, than this is most certainly THE place.

                                                                               -Artur Glants

Floor Grappling seminar with Master Rubio
Father and son kung fu daggers

I've gained an infinite amount of experience since joining here 6 years ago. I've grown out of my shell, and gained confidence and skills that benefit me now and for the future.
Although dangerous when used as a defensive mechanism, it remains a beautiful and sacred art.
If you're looking to gain strength, flexibility, and the confidence needed to defend yourself, I highly recommend coming here. This is my favorite place to be. The place for "me" time.
It's a great community here, you end up joining a family. Lots of people seeking to better themselves. The instructors are approachable, highly informed and skilled.

                                                                          -Altricia Wilson

I wish to express our complete happiness with the positive effect Kung Fu Connection has had on my family. Six months ago, our son, Louie, was having terrible trouble in school with his grades and with powerful outbursts of frustration. We worked with him during the school year trying to get him the help he needed and trying to be supportive as parents to help him overcome his complete sense of frustration. Finally, we decided to enroll him in martial arts in the hopes that it would give him a sense of belonging, some self discipline and a sense of accomplishment.

After searching through all the martial arts schools in the area (and being very unimpressed, frankly), in less than 5 minutes with Simu Alice we knew we found the school for our son. The turn around was almost immediate. Within a month his teacher remarked on his improvement. At home his behavior improved and the outbursts became less common. Now, six months later he passed all his classes in school, he meditates daily and reminds us to take him to kung fu! Impressively for a seven year old.

We have also just enrolled our 16 year old daughter, Daisy, in the adult classes and she loves it. She is very excited and is making swift progress. This summer she is also volunteering as a chemistry lab assistant at Miami Dade College. She is learning to focus her body and her mind towards her future.

More importantly, kung fu has brought my children closer to each other. Louie loves that he can help his big sister with the line forms he has already studied. They practice together at home and at Kung Fu Connection where they both insist on arriving early so they can work together.

As parents, we cannot be happier. Kung Fu Connection is helping our family grow closer. It has helped our son in school and is now helping both our children to have a stronger bond based on discipline and hard work. I cannot recommend this school enough.

                                                                                        Louis Rosas-Guyon

tai chi calm, balance, mindfulness

I just started taking Kung Fu here with my two kids (ages 9 and 11). I take the beginner adult class and the kids do their class. This is a true gem of a find!! None of us have ever done any martial arts before and we came across this unassuming studio fortuitously. As soon as we walked in we felt as though we were in a Chinese temple. The energy here is very positive and strong. Everyone who works here has an amazing and kind way about them. Training with masters of this art, they are all very humble, patient, and expect nothing less than your best. It's becoming a wonderful journey and transformation for all of us.... And with practice, practice, practice... Who knows? Maybe we will all become black sashes some day!! Thank you Kung Fu Connection for our new Kung Fu family you all are amazing!

                                                                                           Mikaela G.

3 kungfu students high kicks.webp

​The staff is very helpful and drive their students towards betterment and success. The environment they provide is positive as well as friendly.

My grandchildren love it and I am so proud to see how it has changed their behavior and outlook. Keep up the great work! I highly recommend Kung Fu Connection.

                                                                 -Micheal Spearson

 I've been here for around 3-4 years and everything has been nice. The staff are welcoming and helpful with things you have questions or difficulties on. The training room has a nice atmosphere with the weapons and such. The understanding of Kung fu is vast and knowledgable and it is a good choice in life.

                                                                               -Anzen Aliea

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