Your journey begins here...

ADULT KUNG FU            

All programs commence with a six month commitment so you can learn an actual skill and experience growth. There is no destination point in kung fu, it is a journey. Our curriculum is so extensive students training for decades are common. Since the medical arts and the martial arts of China are intertwined through energetic principals, there is little risk of injury. Due to this, you can start at any age in any condition. 

 AM: Tuesday & Thursday  11:00 -12:00  Saturdays  1:00 - 2:00
 PM:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  6:45 - 8:00 pm 
Invitation Only Monday & Wednesdays  8:00 - 9:00 pm

KIDS KUNG FU            

In todays world it is imperative that you empower your children. Kung Fu provides; focus, discipline, self esteem, self identity, awareness and life skills that translate well beyond the studio. The third week of teach month we discuss and enact practical bully tactics. We foster leaders for the future in a safe, supportive, inclusive and non competitive environment in biweekly class formats. 
Little Dragons: Tues & Thur  5:00 - 5:45     Tiger Team A:   Mon 6:00 & Thurs 5:45      Dragon Team A Tues 5:45 & Fri  6:00

Mantis Team:  Mon & Fri    5:00 - 6:00     Tiger Team B:   Wed 6:00 & Sat 12:00       Dragon Team B Wed 5:00 & Sat. 11:00 - 


TAI CHI/CHI GUNG           

Tai Chi is one of China's three treasures. The other two being meditation and chi gung. As a traditional school we provide all three in our group classes. Whether balancing your energies, recuperating from illness or simply wanting to increase your vitality, these classes are healing and offer a discipline of mind, body and spirit that permeates all you do. It is an internal martial art. 
AM: !2:00- 1:00pm Wednesday & 10:00am - 11:00 Saturday
PM : 8:00 - 9:00 pm Tuesday & Thursday
Seniors with fitness insurance plans can attend our morning Tai Chi classes for free.
Veteran Discounts

WING CHUNG           

Our Kung Fu brother, Sifu Louk offers independent Wing Chun classes by appointment.  Single classes and monthly passes are available. We respectfully request you wear our school uniform. 


Sparring is mandatory for children and optional  for adults. Since respect and courtesy is kung fu's foundation,  there is little risk of injury. All Kung fu forms consist of practical self-defense applications.

HIRE US        


We offer seminars that provide extensive  background, practical usage, concepts and dialogue unavailable in regular classes, books or on the internet.  Sometimes open to the public, they include weapons, applications, chi gung, sparring, internal & external styles.


Traditional Kung Fu has an arsenal of  weaponry. Students begin with staffs and graduate through multiple single and double weapons. Our weapons, like our school are the real thing. 


Our STORM (Special Team of Role Models) are available to  perform Lion Dances and captivating demonstrations for events both private and public. 

The Pearl of our School - HUA SHAN PAI TAOIST CHI GUNG


Taoist Exercises - Special Cure for Obesity and Non-bacteria Sickness Without Medicine

         For thousands of years, Taoists in China practiced and developed various techniques of breathing to improve and heal sicknesses of various systems and vital organs in the human body.  They dwelled in mountains and forests to observe, listen and meditate, gathering greater knowledge and deeper understanding of the universe.  In search of immortality they moved from observation of nature to experimentation and practice.  To accomplish this goal, a healthy body is essential.

         We depend on air to live.  The basic Taoist theory focuses on the importance of breathing and circulating the air within the human body.  Mastering various breathing techniques gives us strength and more blood in the body.  With plenty of air circulating within our body, our energy and vitality are enhanced.  The right combination of air, blood and body fluid within our body will prevent sickness and is conductive to good health and longevity.

         Consistent practice of the exercises will eliminate fat and strengthen the stomach and abdomen.  Air is concentrated in the abdomen and directed to circulate within the body to nourish the five major organs; heart, lungs, liver, kidney and spleen.  It will also strengthen the bone and muscles of the arms and legs and improve the color and tone of the skin.

         The systematic breathing exercise plan is developed in three (3) Levels.  Each level consists of 36 movements.  Exercising the First Level movements will help prevent sickness and prolong a healthy life by detoxifying the organs and systems. The Second Level movements and exercises will help to return one's youthfulness from old age as it is based in hormonal manipulation. The Third Level is aimed at harmonizing the mind and body to realize man's potential as a spiritual being.

         Qi Gong is a treasured knowledge from the past and more than ever relevant to our present day life.  Practiced correctly and consistently it can:

          1)  Cure obesity

         2)  Lower the blood pressure

         3)  Rid one of kidney troubles

         4)  Prevent strokes and heart attacks

         5)  Ease asthma

         6)  Relax nervous tensions

         7)  Lessen the hardening of veins and arteries

         8)  Erase insomnia

         9)  Do away with mental disturbances 


We are open Monday through Saturday offering 31 group classes weekly, mornings and evenings.

We host both public and private seminars and offer corporate training packages.

Hire us for traditional Lion Dances, demonstrations or festivals. 

We are open on all National Holidays. 

We will confirm your appointment via email or phone. Please wear pants and sneakers for your mini class. If you are running late or need to change your appointment time, ...
Free Introductory Appointment
30 min

Please wear pants and sneakers for you rmini class.

Call if you are going  to be late or need to re-schedule.


Thank you.

12739-41 Biscyane Boulevard,

North Miami, FL 33181

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