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What Makes Us So Special?



There are hundreds of styles of Kung Fu, many popularized by the media, some specific to geography, many secretive and others dying in the wake of cultural revolution. 

Lineage is what distinguishes traditional Kung Fu.  Although unavailable in modern China, the original techniques, forms and philosophy continue to be honored at our school. 

  Master Rubio is a direct disciple of Chueng Kune Pai and Bak Sui Lum These powerful systems create such an indomitable foundation they provide a strong basis for any other martial art. 

Our mission at Kung Fu Connection  is to empower modern society through these unadulterated ancient arts. 


Master Chin is highly respected by Chinas’ top Chinese masters.  A direct disciple of Chan Kwok Wei, Chin Lin Cheu and Lin Chow Zheng.  His credentials include Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Ba Qua and Hua Shan Pai Chi Gong.

Dr. George Salis is the 26th generation & inheritor of Emperors Sungs Long Fist/Tai Sing Pei Kwa /Great Sage (Monkey Style) 



Northern & Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, Chueng Kune Pai, Ba Gua, Choi Li Fut  Chin Na, Praying Mantis, Monkey Style,  Liu Ho Ba Fa, Hsing - Yee, Hung Gar, Wing Chun, Hua Shan Pai Chi Gung, Tai Chi Chuan (Chen, Yang, Wu)


Single and Double Saber, Single & Double Spears, Staff, Three-sectional Staff, Kwando (Halberd), Butterfly Knives, Nine-sectional Chain Whip, Southern Daggers, Tiger Fork, Sung Snake Spear 

Sole Disciple of

Master Chin &

Master Salis

Master Rubio


1976, 1979 &1982 United States East Coast Open Championship

1st place in Kung Fu Division, 1st place Weapons Division                                1979 Miami International Open

1st place in Kung Fu Division, 1st place Weapons Division  

1982 Tampa Bay Open

1st place Kung Fu Division, 1st place Weapons Division

1983 United States Open

1st place Kung Fu Weapons Division

1990 Sunshine Gold Cup Classic

1st place Kung Fu Black Belt Division  


Discipleship is a rare privilege and a relationship  that is difficult for Westerners to comprehend. What appears subservient on the surface actually offers the wisdom to a liberation of self that transcends time. It's a position that requires the utmost integrity and loyalty, not to mention a mastery over ones ego.  Currently the only two active disciples of Master Rubio that hold the keys to the future. See below.




SiFu Rigo with straight sword

Sifu Sabrina has been training in both the internal and external  Chinese arts since 2003.  Her exacting militant style produces clean technique and clear expectation. As a certified Athletic Trainer with a Masters in Exercise Physiology, she is well versed in avoiding and treating injury. She is also a student of Mandarin and is fluent in english and spanish.

Referred to as Sifu Rigo, he is a dedicated, moral man who emulates the virtues required for a traditional instructor. Has been a student of Master Rubio since he was fourteen and exhibited such loyalty he was deemed a disciple in 2016 and currently teaches both children with and without disabilities,  adults and Tai Chi. He is fluent in spanish and english.

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