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There is only one original Shaolin Temple on Song Mountain in North China, Hunan Province. The lineage of Bak Siu Lum (Chinese name) that we honor at Kung Fu Connection is over 1500 years old.

The Bak Siu Lum system came to be one of the most effective and colorful styles of Kung Fu taught at the Shaolin Temple. Although all Chinese martial art styles, of which there are hundreds, are all steeped in self-preservation, some are distinctly offensive and others defensive. Northern Shaolin is considered a defensive style.

This system also incorporates many animal forms (dragon, tiger, mantis, monkey, eagle, snake, crane, etc.). The Chinese would study animal movements and character traits as a basis for unique and very effective techniques. Animal styles are not exclusive to Bak Sui Lum. They are found throughout the Chinese martial arts due to their effectivity.

Stylistically, this amazing form is both graceful and deadly. It’s natural body alignment, emphasis on both upper and lower body, powerful stances, kicks, punches, ground fighting and many other notable attributes make it extremely effective for practical application. Through diligent training your kicks, punches, focus, strength, speed and power will become unstoppable. Not to mention, fun!

Shaolin Kung Fu is also noted for it’s 18 traditional weapons. Training with these weapons offers the flexibility to turn everyday objects into lethal instruments for your self-defense. I can’t describe how empowered it makes you feel.

In our chaotic world and in daily life, the threat of attack is very real. Generally speaking, you (victim) will not be the first to strike. In that case, training in the Northern Shaolin system will develop your sensitivity, response time, perception, awareness, confidence, and all skills required to defend your life.

Be aware that the Shaolin Temple has been burned numerous times. It was the Peoples’ Republic of China that destroyed it under the protocols of the communist regime where there can be no power of religion, speech or certainly not its people.

It was not until the 70’s that they rebuilt it, claiming they were restoring Chinas’ culture. They make false claims about the lineage as it is the government version of the style, not the style of the original Shaolin legacy, which is what we preserve at our school. Their power to strictly censor information will make this statement impossible to validate online.

The Southern Shaolin style came later when the government sent the Nine Tigers of the original Northern Shaolin style to train soldiers in the South. This fact is also difficult to validate on the internet. We have the honor of having actual pure lineage masters that tell the real stories, not the politically fabricated one. Lucky us.

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