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Traditional Kung Fu and Contemporary Life

Updated: May 26, 2021

Traditional martial arts training offer pervasive benefits that go beyond the physical. Despite the exponential growth of technology applied to our society and decline of many traditions and institutions, the keyword here is “life.” How can we become better at #balancing and honoring our lives?

Unfortunately, exposure to #KungFu usually exists through film and video games. This environment of entertainment creates a bastardized view. Much like looking at a picture of a meal as compared to actually eating it. Two totally different experiences. One is flat the other rich with sensation.

Kung Fu is a #lifestyle, a way of being, a #mastery of self that permeates all you do. After all, its translation is, “great skill, accomplished through hard work, over a long period of time.” Based upon that explanation there are many people who have great Kung fu that have never thrown a punch; lawyers, mothers, Olympians. It is the consistent effort that translates into reliable skills.

Do you have the #tenacity it takes to be great?

This #ancient tradition can empower modern living through increased #focus, #discipline, #selfesteem, #energy, #awareness, #strength and #longevity.

One of the main distinctions between Kung fu and other martial sports such as Tai Kwon Do or Karate is that it is energetically based.

That’s why a small woman such as myself has no problem against a large man. Pound for pound he will win, but because energy is unlimited, once I harness it with correct positioning and skill, he will be defeated.

Energetics also alleviates the usual injuries one encounters in other arts. The #medical arts and martial arts of China are inextricably interconnected.

With the constant onslaught of technological advances and devolution of our traditions and institutions, Kung fu is an eternal art form that offers a mindfulness and self mastery that can elevate every aspect of modern living. I love it.

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