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The 3 Treasures of China

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

1.Tai Chi 2.Chi Gung 3.Meditation

There is so much information on health and wellness it can be overwhelming. Yoga studio’s offering many derivatives and dilutions, Chi Gung morphed into physical exercises without mindfulness, tai chi taught by novice students, meditation apps and on and on. Like everything else in our modern society, some offer expansive results while others are misleading.

Of the many students that come to train with us there has been an uptrend in the amount of reported “yoga injuries.” That is often the result of moving too fast through a system or an unseasoned instructor. Contorting oneself into advanced positions takes an understanding resulting from many years of experience. Being young and flexible isn’t the same. These and other healing arts are often in the hands of good sales people. So, it is important to do some research to stay safe and be able to accomplish realistic goals.

When delving into a mind, body, spirit program it is important to understand basic principals, trust who is guiding you and have the discipline to self-practice to optimize your benefits. Something as intricate and ancient as Chinese medicine is daunting, but there are simple ideas and principles that can assist you in walking a straight path toward your goal. Those goals being, improved #wellness, #healing, #clarity and #longevity.

You can study tai chi chuan in the park, take a meditation class or any number of proactive courses. Something is usually better than nothing. But why segregate a complete system that has been proven effective for thousands of years? If you consult a traditional Chinese medical practitioner, part of his prescription, aside from herbs or needling can be a specific chi gung exercise at a particular time of day for a particular duration. The Chinese arts, both the medical arts and martial arts are inextricably connected.

When you look up the Three Treasures of China on the internet you will find Jing, Chi & Shen. These are the essential energies. As a traditional school, our programs reflect the Three Treasures of China known to Americans as Jing (essence), Chi (energy) & Shen (spirit). These essential elements are translated and delivered in our group classes, as Tai Chi, Chi Gung & Meditation. We do not do one without the other two. There is substantial power in this holy trinity as recognized throughout the world in various cultures, philosophies and religions.

Jing relates to one essence so in practice this element is revealed as Chi Gung. Chi relates to ones energy so in practice this element relates to Tai Chi. Shen relates to ones spirit, so in practice, this element relates to Meditation.

Fortunately, one need not understand the intricacies of these principals to gain the benefits found in regular practice. The mind is something we leave behind when we practice the internal Chinese arts. That is the ultimate goal.

I have been practicing for over twenty years and never get bored as my capacity for grace and increased oxygenation is constantly expanding. The #focus and #calmness that Tai chi offers makes it a lifelong journey. Try it.

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