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Meditation is the art, science and practice of controlling your thoughts. Although there are a billion words written on the subject, that is what it boils down to. You practice meditation to control your thoughts, the response is a calm mind and body. Thereby achieving not only a measure of peace and tranquility, but the ability to find focus and clarity in stressful situations even when you are not meditating. Calmly meditating also has the wonderful benefit of lowering your heart rate, respiration and your blood pressure. The benefits are immediate, good for your body and your mind as well.

You do not have to have a special pillow, clothes, various accessories or even a special room to get started. It really is that easy and everyone can afford it! Contrary to some advice you may have received, you do not have to sit in the lotus position or any other specific pose in order to meditate successfully. All that is required is that you keep your spine straight and that you are comfortable. It is a real concentration breaker when you develop a cramp or your butt begins to ache from sitting on a hard floor! So a pillow, a folded up blanket or even borrowing a cushion from the couch or chair will suffice for something to sit on. You can even sit in a chair if you prefer. Just sit however makes you comfortable, but remember that it is crucial your spine is straight to conduct the energy efficiently and to transmit the breath. If your back is not straight it is more difficult to breathe deeply and cleanly. Breathing "right" plays a tremendous role in meditation and especially for those beginning to meditate. If you learn a bad habit now, it is much harder to break that habit later when it becomes even more important to do it right. No one can actually "teach" you how to meditate. It is a self-discipline that you alone are responsible for mastering. You can seek advice from myriad sources, but in the end, it is up to you to improve your focus and eventually exclude any thoughts except for slow, steady, relaxing breathing. If you are completely new to meditating, then fifteen minutes is a great start. Fifteen minutes does not sound like much when you read it here, but it is another thing entirely when you are trying to corral stray thoughts and focus entirely on one thing.

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