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What is Chi Gung?

Updated: Jun 17, 2021


For thousands of years, Taoists in China practiced and developed various techniques of breathing to improve and heal sickness in various parts of the vital organs in the human body. They dwelled in mountains, forests and observed and meditated, gathering greater knowledge and deeper understanding of the universe.

In search of immortality they moved from observation of nature to experimentation and practice. To further their goal a healthy body was essential.

We depend on air to live. The basic Taoist theory focuses on the importance of breathing and the circulation of air within the body. Mastering various breathing techniques gives us strength and increases blood supply. With plenty of air circulating within our body, our energy and vitality are enhanced. The right combination of air, blood and body fluid will prevent sickness and is conducive to good health and longevity.

This practice is intertwined with the principals of acupuncture. Both focus on the proper distribution and balance of internal energies. The Chinese medical arts are considered alternative medicine in the United States, but it has created the legacy of longevity that China is known for. For example, there are powerful, complex, regulatory systems in Chinese medicine that will never show up on a MRI or X-ray. Nonetheless, they are essential.

Consistent practice of chi gung exercises will eliminate fat and strengthen the stomach and abdomen. Air is concentrated in the abdomen and directed to circulate within the body to nourish the five major organs: heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and spleen. It will also strengthen the bone and muscle of the arms and legs and improve the color of the skin.

Practiced correctly and consistently chi gung can:

· Cure obesity

· Lower blood pressure

· Rid one of kidney troubles

· Prevent strokes and heart attacks

· Ease asthma

· Relax nervous tensions

· Lessen the hardening of veins and arteries

· Erase insomnia

· Do away with mental disturbances

The list is endless. Everyone should try it and see how it transforms you from the inside out.

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