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Preventative Medicine for Covid19

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The 2019 Covid pandemic has impacted the globe at its core. Our #health has been thrust into the forefront of our lives. While most of us are riddled with #fear, it is an amazing time to re-structure belief systems and ways of being.

Although we were closed for three months, Master Rubio diligently came to the school late at night to train. Not only was it a means of mental balance, it optimized his health when it was so important to keep his immune system strong.

As students slowly returned, we took extra care to provide a safe environment as well as adjusted our curriculum and drills to support masked training to avoid fainting.

With excellent health being one of the best preventatives against COVID, we are all so grateful for the amazing arts of China that provide a complete body, mind and spirit workout.

Our children are happier and more socialized, our elderly enjoy improved focus and balance and overall we are able to feel empowered during a time of crisis.

I encourage everyone to engage in a health regimen that supports mental clarity, enhanced physical strength and of course a generous and abundant spirit to stay positive to be your best self now and well into the future. This is particularly important since the future is unknown. #Staysafe.

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