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Inside/Out, Yin/Yang

Many years ago when I was 17, my Emperor's Long Fist and Monkey style Master knew that I'd be carrying a very special and rich lineage as a direct disciple. It was rare then and almost unheard of now as these precious traditions are dissolving over time.

My Master told me that I'd need to start studying the internal portion of my training, Tai Chi Chuan. According to the tenets of traditional Chinese arts, he couldn't teach me because his Master was still alive and teaching in town. It would be considered an unthinkable offense to do so. So, he referred me to one of other his teachers.

This Tai Chi Master was named Mr. Chow Chian Chiu. His wife was also a teacher of the same style. I was so young it was impossible to appreciate this offering. I just wanted to do Kung Fu. However, as a dedicated disciple, I followed his mandate without question.

Mastery is no small task neither is it for the faith at heart. It took time, as all great things do, but all I can say is "WOW." An entire world of discoveries awaited me. It was as if I was being explained all the secrets of the universe. It offered a base understanding about absolutely every essential aspect of everything. Force, energy, movement, momentum and power, universal intent and life itself.

I am forever in debt. - Master Rubio

See the link for video of my Tai Chi Chuan teacher, Master Chiu.

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