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Childhood Dreams for Adults

Updated: May 26, 2021

Within this chaotic business of living how does one make a truly informed choice? How many claims, opinions, advertisements and the like can one possible sift through to find truth? I can't even grab a tube of toothpaste under ten minutes with such a dizzying array of options.

All the more reason to solidify one's core beliefs and character. Then more questions arise. Where, when, what, how can I be supported in this endeavor?

It's generally a good rule to start with something proven to address your particular issue and more importantly, something you enjoy. So many students have begun their conversations with, " I've wanted to do this since I was a kid".

Whether it is the mindfulness, grace and improved health found in tai chi, chi gung and meditation or the empowerment and awareness offered by Kung fu, everyone reaps a tremendous harvest here at Kung Fu Connection.

Our track record is impeccable and our Master is actually a real Master.

I can't begin to describe the benefits of these ancient art forms, but if you look at their legacy, the concepts of longevity, vitality and energetic immortality are essential principals.

The martial arts in America have become so bastardized, commercialized and confused, they resemble martial sport. I can only say that "great skill acquired through hard work over a long period of time" (the translation of kung fu) is a true path for self-mastery and anyone offering short cuts, well, we know where those lead.

It is a practice of the heart, so seek using your heart and don't be fooled by the foolish. Try something soon that you've always wanted to do. It will feel good I promise. If you were enchanted with the TV series Kung Fu as a child, well then a traditional Chinese Arts school is what you seek.

Don't trust the internet completely. Hackers and mongers abound. Go in person, ask others, listen to your intuition and enjoy your journey back to the joys of childhood.

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